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Time Factory

Time Factory is a 3D platformer where you play the role of the prototype, a robot rejected by the factory that created him. Unloved, you must escape the confines of your creators using the time dilation device they were testing you with. Speed and slow down time for several objects to traverse your surroundings!



  • Prioritising features for short development cycle
  • Programming time dilation mechanic.
  • Programming hazards and generic actionable items.
  • Composing soundtrack and creating ambient audio.
  • Creating gameplay video,


Role: Lead Programmer, Composer

Development Time: 2 Weeks

Team Size: 8


My Main Features

Time Dilation

Time Factory’s USP is the time dilation effect combined with puzzle and physics elements. As such, this system had to account for a wide variety of possibilities. This was achieved using a hierarchical structure where the child inherits the default logic but can override certain events or functions in specific cases.

Level Hazards

Most level hazards in Time Factory make use of the time dilation classes, however I also made a generic system for actionable items. This system gives a framework for quickly implementing any item that can be activated in some way, and that triggers a response in other objects.

SFX & Music

Time Factory is quite a solitary game, and as such the ambient sound and music are a key component. I took inspiration from Breath of the Wild’s audio during its shrine segments. The rhythmic pulsing drives the player forwards, but at a leisurely pace.