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Muscle Magic

Muscle Magic is a local multiplayer brawler in which you play as powerful, muscular wizards and barrage your opponents with a variety of wacky spells.

Muscle Magic runs at 60fps on Nintendo Switch, and has released on Steam.



  • Managing the Tech and team processes for a team of 24
  • Implementing a dynamic camera system and level mechanics
  • Implementing game analytics and player metrics
  • Ensuring a stable build at 60fps on the Nintendo Switch


Role: Tech Lead, Gameplay Programmer

Development Time: 1 Year

Team Size: 24


My Main Features

Camera System

The camera for this game was inspired by Smash Bros. Ultimate, drawing on the dynamic nature with players running quickly across the screen. It moves to the average location of all points of interest, with a slight bias towards points further away from the group. The camera’s distance is determined by the two furthest players in the X or Y direction, modified by a curve relying on the percentage from minimum to maximum zoom. This gives the designers full control over the zoom. View the code here (link).

Level Mechanics

The level mechanics in Muscle Magic are varied and flexible. Each system was made with multiple uses in mind, and has been applied to multiple gameplay scenarios. For example, a wall of encroaching fists drives the players into an increasingly small play area to heighten gameplay intensity. This mechanic was made with the possibility to move towards any set of targets in any order, allowing designers to repurpose it for a level that has the players move constantly in a side-scrolling fashion.

Game Analytics

Our metrics were implemented using the GameAnalytics plugin for Unreal. This gave us an easy way to send and view relevant data after the release of our game on Steam.