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Gooey is a Free-For-All Arena Brawler where the last man standing wins. The game supports 2 to 4 players. Players can transmit their mass to grow big and powerful, or small and agile. Defeat your opponents by punching, bumping or ground-pounding them off the arena.



  • Programming environmental hazards
  • Researching cameras in brawler games
  • Programming the camera


Role: Gameplay Programmer

Development Time: 48 Hours (Game Jam)

Team Size: 10


My Main Features

Camera System

The camera for this game was inspired by the camera for Smash Bros. Ultimate, drawing on the dynamic nature with players moving quickly across the screen. The camera in Gooey lerps to the centre of the two furthest players, and zooms out to the distance between them plus a buffer so they don’t reach the edge of the screen. This implementation also served as a baseline for the camera prototype in Muscle Magic.

Dynamic Platforms

Gooey features a hexagonal grid of platforms that fall over the duration of the match, shrinking the area of play. At the start of play, all platforms of the correct type are sorted into an array, where they are subsequently set to fall in a specific order during the match. The period between platforms falling is random within a range, with a change in material indicating the next platform to fall.

Audio Cues

The audio for Gooey is quite minimalist, due to the time constraints of a game jam. As a result, the audio cues are simply fire events.