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Behind Enemy Wheels

Behind Enemy Wheels is a turn-based, traffic puzzle game where you play as a spy in Russia. Your goal is to reach a specific location, while avoiding the police. You can only move one step at a time, and the world moves when you do, so you must puzzle your way to the finish!



  • Prioritising features for short development cycle
  • Directing a clear vision between programmers, designers, and artists
  • Pitching the initial concept and prototype
  • Setting up pipelines for efficient development
  • Programming polish – UI, particles, tutorial, movement interpolation.


Role: Product Owner, Gameplay Programmer

Development Time: 2 Weeks

Team Size: 8


My Main Features


Managing a project that spans only two weeks requires a different process to normal development. For such a quick cycle, being agile without much management overhead is imperative. As such, I used Kanban to ensure team members could work without distraction. In addition to this, I also created pipelines for each developer, and the final pitch, given alongside a gameplay demo.

Tutorial & QA

Given my role as Product Owner, I only had time to implement the game’s tutorial, and quality of life fixes. The tutorial mimics most mobile games, with explicit on-screen instructions directing the player to complete tasks to learn the game’s mechanics. Other quality of life improvements include: enemy movement interpolation, pickup particles, snow particles, death indicators, and more.


I worked in collaboration with a designer on the sound effects for Behind Enemy Wheels. My job was making a second pass on in-game sounds, either replacing the sounds entirely or processing them in Adobe Audition. Primarily I focused on allowing each sound its own primary frequencies, which let each sound stand out against the other, and gives the player more clear indications of what is happening.