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The Elder Games

The Elder Games is a prototype of a vehicular collectible game, with a custom chair controller. This uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to keep track of the chair’s rotation, which is mapped in-game to steer the character. Three buttons make 4 separate functions. Jump, and boost your way to victory.



  • Researching possibilities with custom controller in given timeframe.
  • Testing a variety of possible components for the controller.
  • Designing, constructing, soldering circuit for the controller.
  • Programming the controller communication with Unreal.


Role: Custom Controller Engineer & Programmer

Development Time: 3 Weeks

Team Size: 8


My Main Features

Controller Prototype

The controller for this game was an office chair that you sit in. When you turn left or right in the chair, your character would also turn in-game, and the arm is adorned with buttons to fire, jump, and boost your way through the level. The steering was achieved with a gyroscope and accelerometer soldered to a TeensyLC arduino.

Controller Programming

After a calibration step at the beginning of play, the gyro/accelerometer data is constantly de-noised, and sent to Unreal, where we used the difference in angle to rotate the character left or right with varying velocity.