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Rage Quit

Rage Quit is a fast-paced, isometric shooter, where the aim of the game is to destroy as much of your office as possible! Tired of working in a dull, square environment? Be different! Be round! Be a superhero™! Get angry! Destroy your office! Beat the security guards! Cause mayhem! Available at:



  • Implementing destructibles.
  • Implementing character movement and camera controls.
  • Implementing weapons.
  • Implementing UI.
  • Audio FX & Title Music.


Role: Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer, Composer

Development Time: 7 Weeks

Team Size: 14


My Main Features


The primary mechanic of Rage Quit comes from its foremost inspiration – Bomberman. Destruction is the heart of the game, so it had to feel visceral and satisfying. We made use of nVidia’s APEX destruction tool combined with Unreal’s physics to create powerful explosions that could also effect our AI.

Character Programming

Rage Quit’s destruction mechanics are the primary focus of the game, and as such, the character controls are the means that you direct this by. The crosshair and camera behave differently on controller/mouse and keyboard, providing players with various aiming methods.

SFX & Music

All sound effects and music (barring 2) were created specifically for the game by myself, with the team voicing various characters. A heavy rock track made the perfect fit, and many of the sounds were made using guitars to give a cohesive feel.